extreme inner eye openers in metal

Possessed  : extreme inner eye openers in metal. 
Exorcist : Maniac 

Mayhem "Freezing Moon" with Dead on vocals. 
Being in the studio at the recording of this with Dead and his dead birds made me realize the true feelings that is behind true musicians. 
One of the best tracks ever.

Bathory "The Return of Darkness and Evil". 
A coldness that runs from the core of this track through to the core of your spine only to enter the mind with the death of all.

Burzum "Jesus' Død". 
The art of art. Finding that one riff that makes you see in different ways. 
Blood oozing from everywhere in this track. The door never closes.

Dissection "God of Forbidden Light". 
This song brought back my spirituality.
This whole album revealed worlds upon worlds with darkness in light. The big Anti.

Darkthrone "The Hordes of Nebulah". 
Ugliness was never ever this pure. It is but a whip on the spine of God.

Shining "Låt oss ta alt från varandra". 
The walking dead. The joy of destruct. The falling apart of lives. The collapse of all.

Watain "Reaping Death". 
Here is no peace. Here is no fucking peace whatsoever. 
In this false darkness Watain shows the way out of it and into the real darkness. 
This is it. The never sleeping eye of Watain. Join them.