Low-tuned death metal demos

Possessed : Low-tuned death metal demos
Exorcist: Takashi Tanaka (ANATOMIA)

1. GRAVE - extremely rotten flesh
My first experience of low-tuned death metal!!!

2 FUNEBRE - expunging mortalities
Finnish low-tuned death metal masterpiece!!!

3 CENOTAPH - larves of subconscious
Low-tuned sick as fuck death metal!!!

4 CREMATORY - requiem of the dead
Master of low-tuned death metal!

5 CARNAGE - crime against humanity
Grinding low-tuned death gods!

6 DISSECT - spontaneous diarrhoea
Raw, low-tuned brutalizing death metal!

6.66 LOBOTOMY - when death draws near
Low-tuned Swedish pure death metal!!