Whirlwind Avalanche Tornado Blastbeats

Possessed : Whirlwind Avalanche Tornado Blastbeats
Exorcist: Dopi (MACHETAZO)

1. NAPALM DEATH “Make Way!”
The king of single pedal hyperspeed, Mick Harris. A recording from 1988 and still untouchable, a furious and fast slap in your face repeated over and over and over

2. REPULSION “The Stench Of Burning Death”
Isn’t Dave Grave the first blastbeater ever? I wonder what was going on with his brain when he thought about playing a thrash metal tempo x2 while the rest of the band was x1

3. CARCASS “Carbonized Eye Sockets”
A crazy snare intro advices you about the gore to come. Just an insane drummer having a nervous attack into the nastiest production ever

4. TERRORIZER "Ripped To Shreds"
Exquisite and bestial at once, so fuckin’ perfect, long time before computers and triggers fucked up Sandoval’s sound

5. BRUTAL TRUTH "Homesick"
Absolute controlled chaos with a punk groove, even some weird jazz here and there, in other words, Rich reinventing blastbeat

6. IMMORTAL “Battles In The North”
I always said this is an album closer to grindcore than black metal, there’s more Hellnation/Siege than Celtic Frost/Venom here

6.66. ABSCESS “Urine Junkies”
There’s nothing like raw garage sound, a single pedal and a stoned drummer to play a REAL blastbeat